Change My Life Change Your Life The Talk Of The Changing
1 - Easton Right now I work security for a bar on a college campus.

I want something to look forward to in my life! Right now I dont have a career and I dont know what I want to do. I'm looking for something that will take me some where in life. Money isn't a big deal to me, I just want to travel, and have fun doing it. I need something to be passionate about, otherwise I get bored. Everyone I know has normal jobs and work the 9 to 5. I want a job that there is not set time or day. I want a career that becomes my life!

2 - Laura working mother

marrying a caring and rich man, leaving the job and having and /or adopting other five children.

3 - Cecilia Account Executive in an advertising agency

What would I do to change my life?
Dario, if you know what I'm talking about, my "WHAT YOU DO" is exaustive.

I'd change my life with a new exciting job. Something challenging that could express my creativity and enhance my skills. Something that could make me happy to wake up in the morning to start brand new day.

Therefore, I'd change my life spending more time with myself and with people I love.
I'd change my life taking care of my talents.
I'd change my life going along with my wishes.

4 - Silvia losing time as account executive

Before changing my life, it is necessary to change the approach to it and change myslef a little bit. Going abroad or change my job means nothing.
I hope to think about life in a different way, taking advantage of every little thing it offers.
Life is beautiful and we don't even realise it!

5 - ubu I dream, I write. I lose time.

I dream of finding finally a vertical part-time job, dedicate more time to music, shiatsu and other activities that I like.
And maybe, maybe, have the courage to move and change city again. Maybe, I'll do it.

...Maybe I'll ask destiny to help me, and maybe it'll say: maybe.

6 - wilma art buyer

I want to change my lifestyle. I want a satisfying job that allows me to express the world of ideas that I have inside. I want to take more care of myself. I want to exit from the cave and stop seeing only shadows of the world!

7 - icci Student-Musician

Travel all over the world with my Group.



9 - Maarten Student in Urban Planning

As my study runs to an end, a change in my life is inevitable. It won't be so long until I am a working guy. This change is almost coming automatically. With this change, I hope I can gain the momentum for other changes as well, but I want to keep a couple of things as they're.

As an Urban Planner, I will hopefully be in the position to change things for the good. To make people use public transport more for example. Moreover I will be spreading the word: People have to act more responsibly towards the environment.

The biggest change, however, is that I will be moving out of my parents house when I'm working. This will make a couple of things possible. To eat the food I want, and to do more things by public transport and the bicycle (we live in a small village now, quite far away from some important stores). With respect to the food, I will eat less meat (I believe that a little meat is healthy for you) and organic food.

An important thing that has to change, not with respect to the environment, is the fact that I'm not sporting enough. I will start working on this change soon. To say it in Obama Terms: Yes, I can!

11 - sara architetto

prendendo delle decisioni.

12 - Jennifer Courson Guerra Failed artist, writer and student during free time

I'd like to change my life and travel around the world changing other people's life. Dario you are SO special <3

14 - a duck i eat other ducks

i would like to stop eating my fellow companions.... please help me!
by the way... i am the duck that lives in dario's pants!!!!

15 - Phil S sleep tech, marketing rep fpr medical equipment

I would like to short travel, meet someone interesting maybe get kidds, be able to help people that really need the help, maybe event go back to school and get a counseling degree, i am a artist, and very creative...

16 - susanna studentessa all'ultimo anno di un liceo artistico ad indirizzo

Vorrei trovare qualcosa da fare finita la scuola che dia un vero senso alla mia vita, qualcosa che possa aiutarmi a mettere in gioco le mie capacitÓ per me stessa e per gli altri. Non voglio cadere nel circolo vizioso della monotona vita consumista. Voglio trovare un obiettivo e un perocrso per una vita felice per me e per le persone intorno a me.