What happened

(two posts ago… =D)
-A place full of people I thought I could learn a bunch of things from. People that could show me points of view I don’t even imagine. People that did and do beautiful things and that understand the real meaning of Beauty:

The First New Yorker Conference
First New Yorker Conference

Well, what I’ll do is just try to tell all that people what I’m looking for and see what happens.-

Short preamble
I spent the last 2 months thinking about the Conference, and the last 2 weeks before leaving thinking about how telling that people what I was feeling, and what came out of these thoughts is of course this website (still working on it, as you see…).
But the first issue was how to tell the people about the website, so I told myself: “why don’t you make a business card?”… and I did. Then I thought: “you are going that far and you’ll be staying there for days and won’t you take the chance to tell about ‘this thing’ to other people too?”, so I did stickers to stick around in NYC streets or just to give as leaflet.

The sticker and business card. =D
Business Cards

But then I said to myself: “c’mon Dario, are you telling me you’re going to stop people and give them your card? YOU?!… you know you are so shy…” …I had to find a way to make people asking me, so that I couldn’t avoid telling them.

So I did THIS for the Conference. =D
T-Shirt nr.1 Back
T-Shirt nr.1 Front R

And THESE for going around NYC. =D

T-Shirt nr.2

T-Shirt nr.3

The last question was: “will you be so brave to wear them?”, well… I’ve been brave. =D
(And I had even the courage to change them during the Conference, so that people could read something different at each break.)

The Conference
When I arrived at the Conference building, I received a delightful welcome by Phyllis (with which I had a funny e-mail exchange), Jana and Rhonda, thank you all very much, I felt kind of special! =D
So after just few minutes I felt much more confident and showed my T-shirt…
From that moment started what I can surely define one of the most exciting experiences I ever had. I cannot count how many people talked with me, asked me, smiled at me, they were like waves on the shore, I didn’t even have the time to watch one going away that another was coming. I’m sorry I will never remember all the names, but thank you Daisy, Richard, Robin and Evan (it’s been a wonderful night! =D), Cat for reading my palm, Deborah (what about the Colorado? =D), David (you know why =D), Ginny, Dan, Joseph, Diego, Mishele and Bertha (hope to talk to you soon =D), Eric (it’s been a great pleasure and one of the most hilarious dinner I remember =D)… and all the people who talked to me.

What changed
I was just going around the wonderful lounge when this elegant man stopped me with his smile and said in a perfect American-sounding Italian: “So how can we change your life?”, I said smiling: “Actually, I don’t know… what do you do, for example?” He said something like: “I happen to be the Vice President of the New Yorker magazine…”
Well, you should have seen my eyes, only my mouth was open wider.
He told me he was really amazed by my idea and the things I did. We chatted about our recent thoughts on life and the way we would change it. I said that I really enjoyed the Conference and he invited me for the next year! =D Then he took my business card with a smile and told me to keep in touch, but then I asked if I could come to visit the New Yorker building before leaving, and he said yes! I had just to call his assistant, Anne, and fix an appointment. It’s been the first thing I did the next morning.

Then there I went. 4th Times Square, Condè Nast Building, 21st floor.
I met Anne, beautiful and very nice, who showed me all the departments and gave me many gifts, including a chic New Yorker brown bag with an elegant desk diary full of Cartoons (which I love =D) and an iPod Shuffle (New Yorker branded) loaded with songs selected by the music critic Sasha Frere-Jones!
She kindly apologized because Louis (the Vice President) was busy in a meeting, so I asked her if I could just also leave a gift and a message for him. I brought a T-shirt (the “Change Dario’s life” one – it was funny the idea to imagine the Vice President of the New Yorker dressing that words =D) and I started to write the message… but suddenly the door of Louis’s office opened, a man went out and after few seconds Louis went out too. He welcomed me with joy and happily took my gift, then he told me he had to rush for another meeting, but I couldn’t lose that chance and asked him if he had just 3 minutes for me to show him the website. Of course he had!
Then we watched the video-clip together and he was really amazed =D I think he just couldn’t imagine I did ‘all that’ only for the Conference, but that was exactly what I did. He said I had to talk with the New Yorker creative director, he called her on the spot, she came and we watched the video together again. She was amazed too =D and said we definitely had to keep in touch!

Well… I don’t know if Louis will really change my life, what I know is that I will take my chance to ask him. A lot of ideas are flowing into my brain in this exact moment. Ideas about this ‘project’, ideas about other projects… and you can be sure I will come out with something else. =D
My life is changing right now while I’m writing.

I hope this could be an evidence and a message for anybody wanting to change: when you really do something to change your life, it just changes.
For all of you I intend to build a network of people wanting to change their lives, so just continue to send me your email addresses. Soon there will be a kind of list and space for you so that anybody could know what you want and, who knows, help you. =D

Grazie =D and I hope you’ll continue to check this website, because it’s still under construction… Ciao. =D

The day after

The Conference has been something I can hardly explain with my English skill. So please excuse me if I take my time during these days to make a deeper thought about what happened to me.

Thanks to everybody I met there and that are reading right now.
I hope you’ll join this website in the next future, when I’ll be back home and I could join it too. Ciao. =D

Changing My Life, 1st TRY

A place full of people I thought I could learn a bunch of things from. People that could show me points of view I don’t even imagine. People that did and do beautiful things and that understand the real meaning of Beauty:
The First New Yorker Conference
First New Yorker Conference

Well, what I’ll do is just try to tell all that people what I’m looking for and see what happens.

If you want to see what happens too… STAY TUNED! =D

Ok, here we are…

It’s late night here in Milan, and I’m going to bed, but finally we have a place where talk about Changing and I’m so happy for this!

Well, I bag your pardon because, as you can see, the website is still under construction… but this is the way ideas live: you never can tell when they are going to show up, so…

I’d like to thank *Mario*, *Fran* and *Umberto* for helping and trusting me on this project (is it a ‘project’?). Thank you very much my friends, I wouldn’t be here writing this stuff right now without you!

Oh, just 2 notes about the website:

– There will be soon a useful (I hope so) room for everybody who want to change their life, so in the meanwhile please just let me know your e-mail addresses (filling in the form) if you’d like to take your place in that room, so I can keep you infromed about it. Thank you!

– We are waiting for other ideas to show up to improve the website features… we’ll see…

Ok, done with the formalities, let’s come to the main argument!
As I wrote, it’s too late now to go through the Changing, but I want just to tell you that on Friday 4th May I’ll start to Change My Life.

If you want to know what will happen, just keep an eye on these pages and soon I’ll tell you!

Ciao! =D