Ok, here we are…

It’s late night here in Milan, and I’m going to bed, but finally we have a place where talk about Changing and I’m so happy for this!

Well, I bag your pardon because, as you can see, the website is still under construction… but this is the way ideas live: you never can tell when they are going to show up, so…

I’d like to thank *Mario*, *Fran* and *Umberto* for helping and trusting me on this project (is it a ‘project’?). Thank you very much my friends, I wouldn’t be here writing this stuff right now without you!

Oh, just 2 notes about the website:

– There will be soon a useful (I hope so) room for everybody who want to change their life, so in the meanwhile please just let me know your e-mail addresses (filling in the form) if you’d like to take your place in that room, so I can keep you infromed about it. Thank you!

– We are waiting for other ideas to show up to improve the website features… we’ll see…

Ok, done with the formalities, let’s come to the main argument!
As I wrote, it’s too late now to go through the Changing, but I want just to tell you that on Friday 4th May I’ll start to Change My Life.

If you want to know what will happen, just keep an eye on these pages and soon I’ll tell you!

Ciao! =D


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  1. Dario! You are amazing, and one of the most delightful people I met at the conference. I admire your imagination and creativity. Your project intrigues me and entertains me and has provoked me to think about changing my own life. As I think I told you I am a retired lawyer I have a deep interest in legal history. Since the conference, I have been developing a plan to organize my research activities and begin to write some articles. After all, I can not let you be the only one to change his life! Thanks also for the link to your website. I love the video.

    Ciao, bello.


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