Changing My Life, 1st TRY

A place full of people I thought I could learn a bunch of things from. People that could show me points of view I don’t even imagine. People that did and do beautiful things and that understand the real meaning of Beauty:
The First New Yorker Conference
First New Yorker Conference

Well, what I’ll do is just try to tell all that people what I’m looking for and see what happens.

If you want to see what happens too… STAY TUNED! =D

4 Responses to “Changing My Life, 1st TRY”

  1. ubu Says:

    Well, I can’t come to NYC: too bad… But at least I can keep in touch with you and I’ll learn through you. Hopefully.
    And by discussing with many people what you saw there, you’ll see it with different eyes every time, and learn something new again…

  2. macwil Says:

    …I’m going to see the Daila Lama.. is it the same?

  3. dario Says:

    Thank youuuu!!! =P

  4. dario Says:


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