Changing My Life, 2nd TRY

Well, a bit hard to believe, one year has passed from the last time I wrote something here.
One year passed focusing on what ‘changing’ exactly means… and I think I’m slowly understanding where I’m going. Or, better, where these cogitations are leading me. I started to simplify my life in a way I could have never imagined just few years ago. I changed my way of eating, dressing, even relaxing… I have a house on my own now, living with my friend and girlfriend Francesca, but we know that is probably just a place from which observe the world, ready do take the next step. I still work in advertising, but I’m every day more aware that my job is not MY job, or at least that I would use my ‘creativity’ for another kind of products. We’ll see.

Also I used to think that this website could be a place where people wanting to change could meet and maybe find together the energy to succeed in their life changing. And I still think it. No matter what the change is.

So for these same two reasons, after one year, I am here again. For my 2nd Try!

Yes, becuase in 2 days I’ll be in New York City again, for the:

2nd New Yorker Conference
2nd New Yorker Conference

As you probably remember Louis, the (former) Vice President of the magazine, promised to invite me for this year Conference… well, he didn’t exactly keep his word, but finally I find a way to be invited.
Mostly, I have to thank my dear friend Phyllis and somebody there at the New Yorker who decided to keep the word even though Louis doesn’t work there anymore. =D

Well, since I didn’t plan this new trip I’m quickly packing all my stuff again (you can see it in the posts below) and going to New York City to meet other wonderful people and see what happens!

Oh… this time the website is complete in all its parts!
Thank you, my ingenious and generous brother, Mario!!! =D

So if you want to try to change your lives, fill in the CHANGE YOUR LIFE FORM! You never know who’s going to pass by here… =D
Your message will be published in the LIVES-TO-CHANGE LIST!

Thank you everybody! I’ll update these pages as soon as things happen!

P.S: Here is a small collage of some last year pictures…
Click to enlarge!
2007 Pictures

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